Friday, October 1, 2010

crazy 8's-you're it...

Daniela at dk everyday has tagged me to answer 8 questions and in turn i have to make up 8 questions for 8 people. i like surveys and i definitely like reading other people's answers, so here is what she asked...

1) what is your favorite beauty secret?
i guess it's a simple one; wash your face :) morning and night i use cleanser, toner and moisturizer. this also translates to don't sleep in your makeup! no matter how tired i am, i always wash my face and brush my teeth.

2) if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
 NYC obviously!! but if you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know that ;) it's like toronto, but on a bigger and better scale! while i would love to say somewhere in europe, i've never traveled there, therefore, that wouldn't be an accurate answer. (that needs to change)

3) is there someone in your life that has made a big impact, who you no longer speak to?
umm, no, not that i can think of. sorry, that's a boring answer.

4) whether or not you're happy with the career path you've chosen, what job would you love to have?
i would love to have a job in forensics, or the BAU (behavioral analysis unit); i'm not exactly sure what, but i would love to be in that field in general. i love learning about crime and criminals and all that interesting jazz, hence my major.

5) if you could be on any tv show, which would it be? any specific character?
hmm, well i do watch a lot of tv. but a lot of it is 'reality' tv and lets face it, i would never want to  be on reality tv. i think i'm going to have to go with desperate housewives. and a character? probably gabby. she gets the great clothes, the cute husband, the awesome hair and the hilariously witty personality to boot. (or maybe JJ or prentiss from criminal minds so i could hang out with hottie spencer reid all day ;))

6) what is your favorite holiday?
definitely a toss up between halloween and christmas. i love getting dressed up and eating all my parents left over candy!! but i also love a fully decorated christmas house, watching christmas movies with the fam, buying gifts (and getting them, don't lie) and the snow!!

7) smartphone of choice and why?
right now, it's a blackberry and it has been for 2 years. but as i've complained here before, i'm still waiting for an iphone...after 2 whole months of being out. i love the flashing light, the real keyboard, and bbm. but i think it's time for a change...
8) why do you blog?
well, it all started after finding and reading rockstar diaries. everyone knows that blog! i thought, "i can do that" and that's how it started. but it continued because i found that i really loved doing it. i love meeting people and having an online diary. i can look back a year ago and see the things i've done and what things have changed.

and now my questions:
1) what is your favorite type of dessert?
2) what is your favorite season? (if you get seasons)
3) do you like/love where you live or do you feel like you need to 'get out'?
4) favorite class you ever took (whether it was high school, college etc)?
5) do you consider yourself more of a small-town girl or a big city girl?
6) what is your favorite part of blogging?
7) what would be your animal of choice?
8) if you were to star in a movie, who would you want to be your male sidekick?

and finally, i tag...
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and just because he is sexy. (matthew gray gubler aka dr. spencer reid) via

everyone have a good october weekend! 


Unknown said...

I love surveys. Can I answer your questions anyways even if I'm not tagged?

Bree said...

yeah absolutely!

Unknown said...

i promise to get right on this! but in the mean along with me and answer questions i tagged you in!
p.s. thanks for the tag :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tag, dear!


Eric Indiana said...

If you like surveys, come visit my survey site - just a place for people to share answers to silly/interesting/odd questions:

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