Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's a block party ya'll...

wednesday night was the loulou block party put on by LOULOU Magazine. About 8 stores or so (jacob, banana republic, joe fresh and more) in a toronto neighborhood had awesome discounts and Winners had the best deal, in my opinion. When you spent $50, you got a free gift bag. last year it was $20, but whatever. i went to check it out and if i didn't find anything, then so be it. i wouldn't spend $50 on anything just to get a gift bag. but i ended up getting 2 sweaters, so it was all good. i was pretty excited to get home and tear into the gift big (it's like an early stocking, and those are the best!). there was a lot more stuff in the bag last year (see post here), but i'll take free stuff any day!
 the big ticket item in the bag..
all the swag: "the house at riverton" book, thinsations yogurt covered pretzels (seriously mmm), carbonated water, magazine, a mirror, biore face scrub, palmer's cocoa butter, razer, woolite and a scarf!
 faux fur scarf!
 i rather like it...
and i'm pretty sure it's almost identical to the one Maegan just did as a DIY...which means it's definitely in style haha
and a really crappy picture of the sweaters i got..which really doesn't do them justice.

so who likes free stuff? that would be me. and i'm sure all of you too! bottom line-i'm pretty darn excited to wear that scarf soon!


Unknown said...

I heart Winners. A lot. That is all ;)

suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic] said...

:) free stuff! yay! :) cute scarf.

Katie said...

I want that scarf!!! cute stuff!!
BREE, come on SKYPE soon like ASAP sooooo i can see u pretty girl! email my gmail when u can and well make a skype date yayyyy!

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