Saturday, October 2, 2010

skype fun

on thursday night i got the chance to skype with Katie from Jersey Blonde!!
my usage of skype is quite limited; i got it about 3 years ago and used it once with dylan, then quickly forgot the username and password. so Katie had told me to get it and i set up another account! i tried it the day we were supposed to have our 'date' with dylan first, just so i knew what i was doing and how it all worked haha
is it weird that i was a little nervous? i'm pretty shy, but i had a feeling from her blog that she was the complete opposite! and what can i say? it was fun! she's just like i expected, totally adorable and super nice!
check us out, chit-chatting away.

i had told dylan about our convo and i showed him this picture, so he could see who i was talking to and such. his response? "oh, she's pretty, and normal looking." haha yes, what did you expect silly???  anyway, i think i'll have to start using skype more now!

on another note, tonight is Nuit Blanche put on by Scotiabank. it's a 'free all-night contemporary art event' that starts at 6:57 pm until sunrise ;) now, me and dylan definitely won't be out until sunrise. he works until 6:30 tonight, so he should be here by 8 and we'll head out shortly after that. basically all around the city there is different types of art set up; from things that i don't understand (ha!), to magic-type acts, to creepy movies on screens and everything in between. we went last year, so it should be a good time. i'm just hoping the rain comes during the day and is able to hold off tonight!!


Lived With Love said...

ahh thats so cool! never tried skype :)

Brittany said...

Skype with me! BOTH of you! !!

Katie said...

Aww u were nervous thats funny!! You didnt have to be nervous silly, I was excited!! Skyping was fun , we talked for over an hr!! Your so sweet and super nice too!
I'm glad Dylan thinks im "normal looking" ahaha my blog is not fake and I am the same person in pictures haha. Well whenever I'm on and u wanna skype dont be nervous!!!!
Have fun tonight with Dylan, like I told you I need art haha!

Anna Walker said...

Awesome! :) I have skype...I am not sure how to actually use it! Do you need a microphone or something?!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very cool! I've never tried Skype before but I've heard good things about it.

Sarah Tabitha said...

wow that is so awesome! isn't skype wonderful!

Misty Michelle said...

HAHA!! This is so awesome! I have never used Skype but now I want to!!!

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