Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh working...

youre taking up all my time now..its kind of annoying!!
at least i had yesterday off..which i pretty much read all day and am now this close to being done helter skelter..what a great book.
anyways-sunday @ work was awful-it was insanely busy and the time didnt go by nearly fast enough..im always sure that right at 4pm, our signs are flipped to CLOSED. but no, no..that doesnt stop people from coming in! why would closed mean closed?? or maybe everyone of those 20 customers that came after 4pm is illiterate?!? hmm..it has got to be the most frustrating thing everrrr.... like and then they push the door open, and they ASK!, "are you guys closed?" uhh bud, what does the sign say...but the boss lets people in, and thats the problem. so they kept streaming in..4:05, 410--still coming! common line "oh i just need one thing!" I DONT CARE...come back tmrw morning. ahhhhh

and then i finally got the keys and locked the entrance door..but see we have an exit door about 10 feet away (which people always use as an entrance during the day-no biggie), but some customers will come to the entrance door, look at the very closed sign, PUSH the door, realized its LOCKED and try the exit door and come in because its not locked yet (bc the late people who are still shopping around need to get out-thats why its not locked yet) like WTF is wrong with people!!
total rant today--its just totally rude, like common, us workers have lives too and we dont want to be at work 24 hrs a day to serve you. thank god im not working here all summer-i would freakin lose my mind..i dont care what im getting paid, its not worth it..
i have 4 days left this week, including today, then well see when i feel like going back here and there.
thats all for now.


Unknown said...

Yeah...thanks for entering my giveaway contest. I wish you the best of luck! Did you see where to be a reader? It's part of the giveaway rules. I wouldn't want you to win and not be able to accept. After the giveaway you can remove yourself if you wish. But i love meeting new bloggers and would hope you'd want to stay and read more. Thanks and what a cute puppy you have.

Bree said...

thank you! i'm already a 'follower', or is that different??

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