Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a few things..

1) i cant upload videos to blogger for some reason, after 10 hours of the site 'uploading' a 10 second video, i figured it wasnt working lol

2) i have to work today-first day pretty much all summer-the same job ive been at the last 4 summers-filling in for someone for a week while they are in VEGAS! only 10-2 today-not bad

bringing me to..

3) GO SEE THE HANGOVER!! i saw it last night...absolutely hilarious!!! omg the audience was dying of laughter the whole movie--its knock your socks off funny ;) i was surprised to hear it got good reviews, bc usually comedies like that dont, but no wonder-its witty and the one liners are classic!! oh my, i cant wait to watch it again soon :D

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