Friday, June 19, 2009


dyl came over for dinner tonight, after my long day at work.
my parents made a good chicken dinner-bbq chicken, chicken and potatoes, and corn on the cob! yummm, then later on, we headed on over to indigo-got a new book (true crime of course) and a fathers day card! then we went to the mall for a walk around, and i remembered what i have wanted to do for a while when i found one....a photobooth!! we happened to have matching yellow shirts on--totally not planned ( i had mine under my work shirt and after work when i picked him up, he came out to the car with it on,,,although not totally matching, just the color lol)
anyways, the photobooth was cool, totally upgraded from the last time i did it, which was like 7 years ago. now, not only is the quality way better, each person gets their copy of the strip of 4 pictures-for $5. impressive.

anyways, this is us. dylan decided to wear some random headband tonight lol
i think photobooths are our new 'thing'...whenever we pass one, we must get in, and smile for the camerA!
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