Monday, June 8, 2009

life in the city-part 2

wednesday morning started off good..we got ourselves together, packed the suitcases and headed on down to the lobby to our bags away for the day (while checking out-thats when we got our free breakfast ;) )

on the plan for wednesday: meatpacking district, see the friends apartment, and shake shack!

after our lovely breaky, we headed down 8th (our hotel was on w46 i think, or 48), all the way down to meatpacking was about 30 blocks or so (we dont like cabs or public transit very much-we're walkers lol thanks toronto life!) but as it became less touristy, you could really see all the neighbourhoods-and thats when we (or maybe it was mostly me) fell even more in love...once we arrived i was in heaven lol even though some of it was gungry and dirty, it was still fantastic. i saw some awesome designer stores, like the ones not on 5th ave-alexander mcqueen, marc jacobs, DVF and so on...sigh..
after checking out a few of the stores there, we then took a few steps or blocks on over to greenwich village ♥♥♥...bigger sigh!! this place was amazing-great-fantasic-cozy-beautiful!!! ahh to die for...ive decided..if and when i move to NYC for a year when im done school, this is where i intend on living.. 100% mark my words..ive looked on craigslist and the rent is no different than toronto...
we also saw the 'friends apartment'-it would be kind of neat to live in was a nice looking place..
we then went for some drinks at dublin-ice coffee for moi and mojito for dyl.

oh, and i also saw my other love..the shoe god..christian louboutin..

next up after admiring all the lovely townhouses and cafes and parks, we went to little italy, soho and china town...i was feeling pretty crappy, but we had a nice lunch-some pizza-in little italy.

thats the place in the back-i cant remember the name-but the pizza was A+

after the pizza, i was still not feeling great, so we took a cab back to our hotel area, and decided to go see a movie, star trek it was lol it was a decent movie, i had no star trek background, but i didnt fall asleep (like i usually do at the theatre at times, haha how embarassing) and by the time the movie was done i felt better.

but it was only about 530-6 and we didnt leave until 9. as we walked out of the theatre i saw coldstone creamery!! oh my..i had seen this on regis and kelly and had to have there we went
i cut the E out..oops
dylan got the cheesecake ice cream...

for me--all lovin' no oven--TO DIE FOR-holy crap--i love cake batter-i could make a cake and just eat the bowl of batter-and this was cake batter ice cream--it was identical, i was eating frozen batter-i was in of these little stores needs to be opened in toronto..ASAP!!

on our way back, we couldnt exactly remember what street our hotel was dylan read the map wrong (ahem) and took us to 41st, although i was pretty sure it was 46..and after a good 45 minutes wandering around times squares looking for our street and a stop at mcd's, i looked at the map again, and for once, this geography bimbo (that would be me) got us back to our hotel!
sadly, it was time to get our bags, change into comfy clothes for the bus, and head home. :( sad sad...

we certainly did a lot in our 2 days there..this wasnt even a dent in the pictures..but until next time..

bye bye NYC, i ♥ u...

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