Sunday, June 7, 2009

breakfast delicious-ness

this morning i remembered what i had decided to have for breakfast this morning.
french toast...with frosted flakes-together!
i made the egg part-1 egg, splash of milk, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar and a spoon of vanilla extract. i only took out one piece of bread bc i didnt know if it would be any good (but how could it not be??!) then i got a place and put some frosted flakes on it and crushed them up. the bread went in the egg then onto the flakes and into the pan.
ohh was mm mm good!
also, last night i had this craving for my oh-so-good red velvet cake. but i was thinking to make them in cupcake style instead-but it just takes so many odd ingredients that arent around the hous--and what do you know, my parents just came home from groceries, and my mom has the stuff to make a lemon poppyseed coffee cake.. :):)

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