Saturday, June 6, 2009

big city love!!

sooo NYC was awesome-as usual

monday was a long day; waiting till 930 at night to get on the bus..but we made it!
we got into the city at 7am and even though our check-in at the hotel was 3pm, i asked at the desk to double check. we stayed at the Paramout Hotel-amazing by the way!! the renovations are almost done-the lobby is super cool looking and modern and the rooms and really clean and nice looking too. so we got to the desk and she said that although they didnt have a king size available (like we had booked), she could give us a queen right away and give us a of course we said ok!. now what we originally booked was a 600$ room (king) and bc of the renovations, i guess they wanted to bring people in, so it was 50% off at the time of booking. so when the taxes were done and what not, it came to 331$ total. however, because we took the queen, our total came up to 230$..bonus!! not to mention, when we left the next morning, dylan said that our room wouldnt cool down and the lady at the desk gave us the european buffet breakfast for free---70$ value!! woo hooo [70 dollars for breakfast tho, really??]

next up-we went up to our room to change our clothes and freshen up after 10 hours on a bus. at about 830, we were ready to go..we got some breakfast at a place close by -europa cafe - and we noticed it starting to rain and we didnt bring the umbrella-of course...

the first place i wanted to hit was bergdorf's for my purse, but it didnt open till 10 so we sat under a tree for about 25 minutes to sheild the rain. soon enough, it opened and i was in heaven-this store was incredible-however, no purse :( we went to barneys, bloomingdales-a bunch of them-but the purse i want doesnt come in black until next season-oh well, ill have to wait.

as soon we were done at these stores, the weather turned out beautiful!!!! it was soo sunny and hot! we got lost in central park for a few hours
10 second timer..woo

then, when we were through with the park, we went to the museum of natural pic necessary, i think its self explanatory lol we came out at columbus ave, and :O a shake shack!! which we definitely had on our list to eat at-however, it was super busy and no seats-so we walked on over 2 restaurants down and ate at cafe frida.
margaritas and sangria!

the food was good-but pricey for the amount that we got...we then continued to walk up columbus ave all the way until columbus circle-which we then took a cab home and were exhausted.
OH i almost forgot, as we were on our way to the park, we turned down a side street to get there, and we this car with the presidents emblem on it with a few people waiting across the street..a few minutes later, who do we see in the back, joe biden! we saw him driving off in his car..
after about an hour at the hotel, we went back out and went to a movie :P lol we're nerds..we saw night at the museum. then we walked around times square for a bit at night and came across some amazing townhouses.
this was after the movie, walking back to the hotel-times square being turned into a pedestrian mall possibly-this is the trial run-hundreds of lawn chairs and funky seating with some the roads running through times square being blocked off..i think its a pretty good idea. bc really, why do you need to drive through there anyways?? some of the roads are still open, and if youre a cab, a) you know your way around the city and can figure out a different route if need be and b) you can drop off the passengers right outside times sure they can walk the extra few steps!! people seemed to like it, the chairs were always filled!
all this in day 1...we took around 300 pictures! ahhh and some little videos, but i doubt they will load 2 to come later..
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