Friday, June 26, 2009

back to the city

dylan and i are back in toronto..
we are having a mini 3 day vaca--heading home monday at some point..
i think we were in desperate need of a getaway-with not one full day to spend together since we got back from NYC 3 weeks ago, this should be fun...
he's been working non stop, ive been working and im just miserable from work and not being in toronto like i wanted to here we are, just the 2 of us!

gotta say, i was a little nervous to come here, due to the garbage strike and all-however, ive seen none on the ground yet, it doesnt smell and i have yet to see rats! lol

after we got here, we headed out to h&m bc i forgot to bring my bathing suit and we plan on going to the beaches tomorrow-knowing that they sell the bathing suit pieces seperate, and i had a credit left, and theyre cheap-i knew to start there...and i got one...a purple top piece, $16 and i paid $4 when i used my credit!! love it...

then we went to the bookstore bc there are a few true crimes i have on my list--none of them were there, but i did end up getting one for $2.50 about john wayne gacy (the clown killer)-probly going to be pretty creepy, but i cant wait to read it....

metro was our last stop for the night-seeing as i havent been here in a month, there is NO food here..we just bought the essentials, milk, nachos and garlic bread lol stuff to get us thru the night and the milk for cereal and coffee in the morning..

i cant wait to the lay on the beach tomorrow, bring some lunch and read a good book!

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