Sunday, June 28, 2009

sun, sand, books, love

yesterday was a gorgeous day in the city!! we picked a perfect weekend to come yesterday morning, we started early and went to do a few errands before we headed off to the beach,,,you know-haircut for dylan, get some sunscreen to protect from the rays ;) and to look for another book at the bookstore..this time- it was lethal marriage about paul bernardo and karla homolka..very creepy read thus far. we got back home just before 12 then packed up to go the beach--sunglasses, snacks, waters, book, towel..all the necessaries!!

hey there

we walked along the boardwalk, got an icecream from the truck and looked for a spot to got sooo hot and the beach was packed!!

we opted to lay in the grass under some trees so we werent in direct sunlight-then, we just was lovely. we moved back and forth from the shade, to the sun, to the shade, then on the sand..we also got free red bulls from girls handing them out..great idea on such a hot day!

after laying there and reading for a bit, dylans friend met up with us and we walked along queen, where all the little shops are in the beaches..ended up at lion on the beach for some dinner and the day didnt stop there..we hopped on a streetcar and went to kensington market for a stroll..too bad it was just before 7 and everything was closing up. so we hung around there a little bit and then went on home. we walked in the door around 830 and we were exhausted. what a long day!! but it couldnt have been better.

we ♥ books

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