Thursday, June 25, 2009

i scream, you scream

the word going around my work yesterday was that coldstone ice cream was coming to canada/already here...well i think my jaw dropped...less than 3 weeks ago when we were in NYC trying out that place for the first time, i said i was gonna email that place and tell them to come to toronto, they would do amazing here!!

anyways, im not working in toronto, but where my parents live about an hour away, and the guy at lunch is saying, "ya, theyre teaming up with tim hortons and opening a bunch of stores together"...SAY WHAT!? i couldnt believe it and another girl was saying the same thing, oh ya there is already one open at such and such like get outta town!! this was wednesday during the day...thinking about it all day and night and then all day today-but thinking its too good to be true-the said location just didnt seem like a good busy spot and i saw no advertising or heard about this anywhere.

however, i just couldnt wait any long-and tonight me and dylan went to see if it was true...

driving along, past place #1 where i thought it dice-not there...keep going to possible location #2..what do i see?!?

YUP...its there!!...a tim hortons/cold stone creamery...i may have let out a few squeels in the car and may have looked like a kid arriving at disney world for the first time..this was awesome.

i got my fave-and only one i have tried so far-the all lovin no oven..except the girl put graham cracker pie crust in stead of cookie dough : oh well. it was still good!!!

mission accomplished..very happy customer!

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