Saturday, May 30, 2009

those who cook together, stay together

we started off our weekend together last night. dylan got here around 830-suitcase in tow, ready for NYC on MONDAY!! today was a lazy day, we took chloe for a walk, sat in the park for a bit, got home around 2 and had a little nap after watching some tv.i woke up 445! ahh i needed to start dinner! mostly the potatoes, because they take like 45 min to boil--today it was mashed potatoes and chicken. dylan decided to throw some cauliflower in the oven (frozen) -his own concauction lol however, it took a little longer than anticipated and came out done about an hour after we were done eating-it was still yummy, we were just still too full! boo :(

dylan in the park with chloe

dylan and his veggie dish
cook cook, stir stir

cooking away!

dinner time!! eat up

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