Friday, May 29, 2009

breaking news

so bush and clinton were in toronto today

just before 7ish, im sitting on the couch and i hear a cop siren, you know the "bloop bloop" and i quickly get up to look out the window..what do i see? 2 cops on motorcycles, followed by about 10 black limos and SUVs all with lights on them and at the end of the line, 2 more motorcycle cops.. whoa, whats going on here!

i head outside quickly for chloe "to go pee" ;) riiight lol and i start walking down the street..and arent all the cars parked at the end of my street!?!? holy geez!! a little crowd of people, valet parking, a sign saying "EVENT" displayed on the front lawn of a massive house...OMG..i started talking to a guy on the street all dressed up and he said that just a few seconds ago, bush and clinton were getting out their cars and shaking peoples hands!! dammit!!

so i kind of walked back and forth for a few minutes (stalker? lol) and my mom was telling me to "take pictures," "take pictures!!" lol but i i missed the two presidents literally by like 2 minutes.. i hung out on my porch for a bit, thinking they had to leave sometime, but i guess i juuust missed it. oh well, maybe another time. lol ya right, cuz its everyday the last 2 presidents take a drive down your street and go to an event there haha
still a semi-cool experience none-the-less lol

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