Monday, June 1, 2009

NYC bound

YAYY !!! the day has come..


we leave tonight at 930 on a bus and we shall get into the city at 7am! woo
today: buy some magazines, dylan exchange his money, me paint my nails, buy some candy!, do laundry, and i gotta shower and do my hair for i want it for tomorrow.

bad news in all of this (can you believe there is bad news?!)---weather network says RAIN and THUNDERSTORMS!!! ohhh noooo...plleeeeeeeeeeease hold out!! and its going to be hot too, like 25ish, which means, humid and damp, and that brings on the frizz!! and just to top it off, it should be raining tonight in toronto too, just when we're waiting for the bus..gahhh so this means that i will be curling my hair today bc if i straighten it, it will whirl and twirl and do its own thing anyways.

but enough with the negative..we've got some things planned and were uber excited!!
dylan wants to see the museum of natural history, were gonna have to some lunch in central park (fingers crossed for the weather), and i cant wait to go into bergdorfs!! ive never been in and i plan on buying a marc by marc jacobs purse..i have two in mind, but i dont think they come in black, and i really need a black hobo type bag..that should be fun! and thats our plan for tmrw..wednesday i think were going to see the 'friends' apartment, walk through the meatpacking district (umm christian louboutin?!??), and have some lunch at shake shack-ya, ive heard some pretty good things about this place, and its also been on the food network..must be a good sign-and also, any little "shack" that people are willing to wait outside in a line for over half hour, must be pretty awesome!

so as you can see, we dont have too much of a rigorous schedule to stick to-we wanted it to be more of a weekend of 'hanging out' and just walking around, pretending like we live there lol ive been too many times to see the 'touristy' stuff again, and since dylan saw it all last year, that was enough for him-now i know the museum is kind of touristy, and maybe the friends apartment lol but thats it, i think? haha

anywho, dylans still sleeping, ive got my coffee while watching regis and kelly and around 11 we will probably go out and start our little errands..yup!

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