Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MTV-the hills aftershow; live with lauren

thats where i was last night with my 2 girlfriends!! i know, i know, we may be a bit old to like the show and go see lauren, but we all look young, so we fit in lol

we got to the studio aound 7pm, the doors opened at 830 and there was already a lineup. so we got in line, maybe 100 people in front of us or so, and we waited..

got some subway, ate it in line, and waited for an hour and a half to pass..slowly..it was a little cold out.

at least they were on time and opened the doors at the right time, and they signed everyone in who was on the list. once we got in, everyone had to check their coats..bummer..it was really cold in there!! and once we did that, everyone was ushered into the actual studio and placed somewhere in there..soo much smaller than i expected..we were placed behind the couch where they talk, boo hoo, but it was a small studio like i said, so it was ok and there was also TVs all around.

when everyone was all settled in, it was about 915-930. then the two hosts, dan and jessi, came out and talked, did a practice applause and what not, and before you know it, we got to watch the hills episode at 10. it was a good one, heidi picked her dress, spencer called and apologized to lauren (Gasp!!) and stephanie said some more stupid but funny comments lol

at 1030, the after show started!! wooo exciting and lauren came out!! she stayed out for the whole half hour, but we couldnt really get any good pics, because we were sitting right behind her..

the studio

heyyy to the audience!!

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