Tuesday, May 26, 2009

out with the old

today: i took out my belly button ring. for good.
i got it in wasaga beach the summer after high school graduation. all our friends had gone up camping for a few days and i just decided to do it. me and my other friend did it together, and after debating who would go first, i did. it didnt hurt,and it was done in a snap. then she went. and oh boy did she think it hurt..so thank goodness she didnt go first, because there is no way after hearing her experience, that i would have put myself through that. ahah

that was about, what, 4 years ago? changed it the odd time, never had any problems, infections (whew), and i liked it. lately tho, i have just been feeling like ive been growing out of it. the last few weeks, i have been contemplating taking it out, looking at it, pulling at it, but always putting off take it out.

today, i just did it. i walked to the bathroom, grabbed the alcohol, rubbed it clean and pulled that baby out. it looks really weird to look down and see a bare belly..im not used to it..the hole is still there, im assuming i will always have a little scar..but thats ok..just a memory of a fun time at the beach with friends..

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