Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i could not be HAPPIER at this moment.
i just got into the criminology program for the major!!!
which i didnt think was possible a few hours ago..see i had the GPA this year that met the requirements. but they look at the cumulative GPA from 1st and 2nd year..lets just say i hated my first year classes and my marks reflected that..so average out my marks over the 2 years and i got a shitty cumulative GPA--it didnt meet the minimum.
today: i walked on over to the guidance counsellor and told her whats up. basically, this is what ive wanted for 2 years, and i asked if i didnt get in this year, is it possible to try again next year..and the answer is yes, but it would put me behind and blah blah blah and just be an inconvenience kind of. also, i wanted to know if maybe my 2nd year could be weighted more when they looked at me-seeing as my marks had improved so much and what not.
she sent me down the hall to talk to the program director and maybe they would take that into consideration..bad news-she wasnt there...but i got her card and i was gonna send her an email later today.
so i got home by around 11, was a little upset, thinking i really wouldnt get in. just now, i went online to delete my enlish major and 'accept' my sociology major 'invite'-but whats this i see?? i see a big bold INVITED beside criminology!! HOLY CRAP!!
umm ACCEPT!!! i dont even know how this happened seeing as invites shouldnt even be going out until june..but ya, for whatever reason IM IN and im NOT complaining!!!
i am like beyond excited...ive wanted this since i finished college 2 years ago..i really cant believe it...
i can now say, i am doing a double major in criminology and sociology with a minor in sexual diversity.
i took sexual diversity last year when i needed to pick a major for the computer, and there was so requirements for this. in short-when i took 3 classes this year, i ended up really enjoying them, and i dont want to stop taking them. so thats what led me to decide to still minor in it. hopefully this all works out for me in the end..no reason why it wont..and ill be graduating in 2 years!!

look for me on the crime scenes in a few years haha


Gabby said...

Congrats! Wonderful news!

Bree said...

thank you so much!! :D

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