Thursday, May 28, 2009

sweat it out

dylan came up for another yoga class on tuesday night. we went for the 8pm class. for me, it was a good class, i think i was understanding the first breathing exercise better, therefore breathing better and in turn, helping me with the rest of the class..the teacher even pointed me out for doing good ;) haha i love #6 (standing bow pulling pose) i can do it pretty decenet for only doing two times, however, i cant wait until i can do it fully and properly. ie...this little picture to the left. the poses that still bother me are 20 and 22, when i have to put my head back..makes me feel a little sick..however, im pushing myself to not be lazy today and go, i kinda ate like crap yesterday (umm 3 bowls of chips :S) and i figure i gotta sweat it out lol although the rest of the day was all fruits, carrots, yogurts and good stuff....once i sign up for a full package soon, i have to get some proper yoga clothes. but god, why are they so expensive?! for tiny shorts and a sports bra its going to be like $100. i dont think so, ill have to shop around. im hoping every class just gets better and better, and i know it will. im happy to have found something that i really like and is great for me. the flexibility is just a bonus!

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