Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 in review...

i was walking the dog in the park over the weekend and i thought to myself, "i totally forgot to do a year in review post!" so here we are, nearly three weeks into the year and recapping 2015.

i was made permanent at work; i talked about us; we went rock climbing, and i started to perfect my chicken potpie.

we had a snow day, celebrated valentine's day, and went to niagara falls in the bitter cold.

we booked our first big trip, joined the adult world with a dining table, hosted a small dinner party with friends, and played catch up

we celebrated easter and i started a paint by numbers (which i have yet to finish)

we went to montreal, we went to italy, and we moved.

i got my first gig as a bridesmaid. and apparently i was just busy with life, because i didn't blog much in june.


celebrated my birthday early with my parents, caught up with some summer happenings, went camping, and went to new york city for my birthday.

my mom joined me for a long weekend, we went camping in tobermory, dylan broke his ankle, and we went to a wedding. 

it was my one year anniversary at work, we made delicious pretzels, chloe turned 8 years old, and my brother in law got married.

i got a new job, we dressed up as cartoon characters for halloween, and we went on a furniture hunt when our furniture broke.

our new furniture arrived, dylan got a new job, we celebrated 9 years together and had both parents for dinner for the first time

we got ready for christmas, we had a potluck with friends, and another one, we went to ottawa for the day, we went to the christmas market many times, and of course, we celebrated christmas

looking back, we really had quite the year. we moved, we both switched jobs, we went on plenty of trips...geez 2016, you have a lot to live up to.

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