Thursday, October 22, 2015

furniture hunt...

so what happens when you sleep on an ikea couch all day and all night for over 2 months because of a broken ankle? well your couch goes bust. it broke about 2 weeks ago but dylan turned it upside down and was able to "fix" it. we figured it was ok and we could start considering a new couch in the future. well over the weekend, dylan moved around and there went the couch.  it was beyond repair (for anything more than short term) so we had to spend our sunday furniture shopping. unfortunately, almost every place we looked had deliveries in the 4-6 week range leaving us with a pretty tight timeline to order something. we looked at eq3 first, then continued on down the street to a bunch of other stores, but we liked what we saw at the first place best, prices were decent, and our new furniture comes with a 25 year warranty on the frame! woohoo.  bonus? it's canadian made.

we decided to go with a slightly smaller sectional and because of that, we ordered a chair, too. it wasn't part of the plan, but while taking a walk around the store, this turquoise chair stood out to me. we have turquoise accents in our place and i knew we had to have it. had it have been black or grey or any other color, i probably would have walked right by it.

the winning couch.
that chair!
the grey swatch is what the couch will be and the turquoise is the chair (like above).

and now we wait until it's delivered. and hope our current couch holds up in the meantime.fingers crossed!
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