Friday, May 22, 2015


after 2 days in rome, our next morning started at 7am and we would eventually make our way to sorrento where we would spend 2 nights. along the way, we drove through naples and had a guided tour through pompeii.


naples was...interesting. very industrial, busy, and pretty run down. we were driven around for almost an hour and only got off the bus for about 15 minutes before we continued on to pompeii. maybe it's a little more neighbourhood-like once you get more inside the city, but from driving the outskirts, it's nothing i would really recommend.

from a distance it's pretty.


after a quick blip in naples, we continued on to pompei (the new city) where we had lunch. this lunch was one that was included in our package and it was just bad. the pasta was pretty average, the pizza was ok, but the mains (fish or roast beef) were terrible according the dylan and others at the table. i ordered a salad because i don't eat either of those and it was basically salad with water dressing, boiled carrots, corn, and green beans. very odd. after the disappointing lunch, we started our tour through pompeii (pompeii with the ii is the old city that was destroyed by mount vesuvius and pompei with one i is the current, modern city).

 this was actually dylan's birthday! happy birthday dyl!! turning 29 in italy, not too shabby.
we were told there was no shade on the tour so i had to buy a hat, which i felt a little stupid in. i don't really consider myself a hat person!
the ruins of pompeii. it's about 170 acres and we were told not to get lost from our tour group or we may not find our way out.

we were told all about how the people lived, shown their original paintings, saw brothels, and so much more. this was something i wasn't totally interested in going into it, but i will say, i definitely enjoyed my time there.


at about 5pm, we got back on a bus and headed towards our next destination for the next few days: sorrento. a coastal city along the sea, i really didn't know what to expect with this place, but we loved it.

 view from our hotel balcony.

bellini by the pool before going out.

 more alleyways. lots of shops. very quaint. 

we loved walking the streets and seeing it come alive as the sun was coming down. the restaurant options are limitless and everywhere you look is another beautiful site. we somehow managed to stay out until about midnight that night, but knew that we had to go to bed eventually, even if still wanted to stay out, because the next day was our trip to capri, the place i was maybe most excited for.

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Amanda said...

I am loving your updates! I was most excited to hear about Sorrento and Capri. My friend spent a semester studying there and loved it!

Those ruins are crazy -- not really a place I have ever had a huge desire to visit either but now I am intrigued.

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