Tuesday, May 26, 2015

italy diary: CAPRI...


oh beautiful capri. we were picked up from our hotel at 8am, made a few other stops at other hotels, and soon enough we were at the ferry waiting to board  and spend the day on the island. capri is so stunningly beautiful, it's just hard to take in. the water is so blue and so clear. unfortunately for us, the blue grotto was closed that day, but our guide recommended another option.
let's board!

well hello capri.

we started with a short bus ride up a windy road to end up in our first little stop for a walking tour.

dylan opted for this ride up to anacapri (the highest point of the island), but i was too chicken.

going to capri, we were really looking forward to checking out the blue grotto, but as luck would have it, it was closed that day. however, our guide said even if it was open, a better option was an hour long boat tour around the whole island; it was cheaper, you got to see a lot more than just one spot, and it was longer.

we're on a boat!

back on the main port, marina grande, where all the boats come in.

i had thought that capri was just souvenir shops and limoncello shops at first, but once you really get into the island, then come the shops of your big designers, beautiful jewelry stores, plenty of restaurant options, and some stunning hotels.
 4:30 - arriving back in sorrento.

why not spend a little time relaxing by the hotel pool? it was some of the little relaxation time we had.

we cleaned ourselves up a bit and went out for our last night in sorrento.

dylan's before dinner snack. we went to a small deli and dylan asked for a sandwich, the guy made a suggestion as to what to put on it, dylan agreed, and he said it was the best sandwich ever.
a beautiful sky on our last night.

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