Friday, March 6, 2015

vino por favore!

a few weeks ago, we started thinking about taking a vacation this year. now that i'm permanent at work and get vacation time, why not?! we tossed around london, st lucia, and even hawaii. my number one pick is still iceland, but that's on hold. dylan has this fear of going places that don't speak english, so he was being slightly narrow-minded (sorry dyl!). then we just kind of settled on going to new york again. we picked a random week in may and i got the approval from my lawyers and the hr department earlier this week. ok, so now that we officially had the ok to book something, let's do it!

in all honesty, we probably spent about 1 hour in bed looking at package vacations and dylan just mentioned italy. personally not at the top of my list, but definitely somewhere i've wanted to go. well, within 24 hours of that, we had basically made our choice. i got home from work last night, we made the call, booked it, and now WE'RE GOING TO ITALY!

we'll be spending it in the southern region (i think that's what it's considered?); we start in rome for 3 nights, then go to both sorrento and amalfi for 2 nights each. the package also includes a few tours here and there which is perfect for us since we really have no clue about this country and would be a slightly lost planning things on our own for the first time.

i think it's safe to say dylan will have a pretty fantastic birthday this year, ringing in 29 years of age while sipping on wine in sorrento.

we're both pretty darn excited about this. my only experience with flying was in and around 2005 for a quick 1 hour flight to nyc, and dylan just had has first flight when he went to los angeles a few weeks ago. experienced travelers we are not. the thought of an 10ish hour flight kind of makes we want to pass out, but the thought of what's on the the other side is making it seem ok.

may cannot come soon enough!!!


s1814 said...

Ah, we went to Iceland this past July and it was wonderful. Funnily enough I picked it because everyone does speak English there! Enjoy your trip planning!

Bee said...

Thats so exciting! My fiance also never wants to go places where they dont speak English.It must be a guy thing... Ive really wanted to go to Europe for a long time, but that will have to wait because I just booked a trip to Thailand (going in Nov). Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Italy! <3 Bee

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