Friday, March 20, 2015

adult world...

for as long as i can remember, or at least since we moved in together, dylan has wanted a proper dining table. we've been using a small round one (where the sides fold down) that i got when i moved out on my own in 2007. the sides were a little slanted and it was pretty crowded for the odd time we had people over for (a casual) dinner. tomorrow evening we've having 2 friends over for dinner and a night of board games. this marks our first time officially hosting people for a real, planned, sit down meal, which is kind of crazy considering we're 27/28 years old. because of this, dylan was insistent that we finally buy ourselves a new table, one where people's arms aren't bumping into each other and we can hang out comfortably as the night progresses.

since we didn't want to spend a fortune, ikea was the winner. we wandered the store until we found one we liked and said, you're the winner! the table is great for us in our condo because it easily fits 4 people (even 6 if you put 2 people on the end and that still wouldn't be cramped), but also comes with two leafs to put in the centre, which could add up to another 4 people. whether we actually have enough room to use it as a 10 seater, that's another question, but the option is there.
hmmm..we already have a packed trunk, can we get a table and 4 chairs in there?! somehow we did manage.
the joys of ikea. we started building at 10pm. i would say i lasted an hour overseeing the operations and then i was off to bed leaving dylan to do it all. i'm a great girlfriend.
we encountered some problems early on.

i heard a lot of screeching of turning screws around 1am, but when i woke up, we had a table! while i was at work, dylan did some rearranging to make the new ginormous piece of furniture work in our small space. he moved the couch down slightly, moved our bar to the den, moved a tall lamp, and moved our small table from the den to become a side table beside the couch. oh, and he added a lamp form our bedroom to said side table.

we've joined the adult world, now let the entertaining begin! 


Bee said...

Love the new table! Good job assembling Dylan! Basically everything I own is from Ikea so I know how much work it is! <3 Bee

Unknown said...

As much as the adult world can sometimes suck, your table looks awesome! Love your view too!

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