Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the weekend...

this weekend was pretty relaxing. dylan was in los angeles for work for a few days last week (lucky boy!) and got home friday around dinner time. we went out to eat once i got in from work and once we got back home at 7:30, he went right to bed for a 'nap' and woke up the next day at noon! ha the combination of 3 hour time difference (la being 3 hours behind us) and his 4am wake up call to get to his flight left him exhausted. 
once he woke up saturday, we took a walk around the city, grabbed some coffee to warm up, went to the park, and just browsed some stores.
 it was a snowy, cloudy day.

after walking around a bit, we met dylan's brother at the train station and they went to go play paintball with a bunch of friends. what's a girl to do with the house to herself for a few hours on a saturday evening? well, why not make a funfetti cake and watch a few movies? i watched dan in real life (it was quite good, i liked it), and one of my favorite movies - in good company. the boys then came home from paintball and couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was, but also how much it hurt. dylan came home covered (aad still is) with welts and bruises. he keeps trying to convince me to join him next time because 'it's sooo fun' and then i look at his bruises and think, no thanks, dyl. better not.


Amy said...

I really don't understand the "fun" aspect of getting crazy welts all over your body!

Also super jealous that Dylan's work trips are to LA... I'm going to Nunavut for work (and was there last week) and the temperatures were oh you know... -40 to -50

Dylan said...

You should come play paintball! It's great!

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