Tuesday, January 6, 2015


back in mid-november, i was moved from my 'overflow' position at work to a new area of law working for 3 partners. since my co-op ended in september, i've been on a 4 month contract. my contract is coming to an end at the end of next week, but i had a feeling that i would be safe since one of the assistants in my grouping has gone back to school (she was a co-op student for 4 months) and the other goes on mat leave in 2 weeks. i had heard from many people who work there that it's now common for people to go through two 4 month contracts before becoming permanent. i mean, that was fine; while i would like vacation time, i figured i could wait another 4 months to find out.
while working away yesterday morning, i got an email from hr to go visit when i had a chance. i thought, 'oh good, no more waiting, i'll finally know i have another contract!' but nope, they surprised me by skipping the second contract and making me permanent!

so let's hear it for 2 weeks paid vacation and 10 paid sick/personal days! i feel pretty lucky to have a job i like (legal assistant), working for and with awesome people, and being able to secure this job at a big downtown firm right from school. it certainly wasn't a short road to get here, but i finally made it and that's what matters!


Amy said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations! :)

Amanda said...

yay congrats!!!

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