Monday, January 12, 2015

christmas 2014...

so christmas! i'm about 3 weeks late, but still putting these pictures up for my sake. after travelling to various houses on christmas eve to see everyone, we finally made it back to my parents' house for the night. the next morning was full of exchanging gifts and stockings, a big breakfast, and finally a delicious dinner.
lots of stockings.

opening his gifts from me - bluetooth speaker, gopro case, a leather journal, stone shot glasses, and beer (he was adamant about getting these particular beer steins...boys)
a kitchenaid mixer! i had always wanted one. along with a few cake accessories and a book.
pretty stoked. also pretty happy about my mini straightener to keep in my desk at work for bad weather days.
we gave my parents their individual gifts first, earrings for my mom, and a wallet for my dad. they thought that was it, but nope...
surprise! an ipad! they were shocked and thrilled to say the least.
breakfast time.
cheers with mimosas.
he gets a little spoiled from my parents.

alcohol, gift cards, video games, card games, socks (of course)...he does alright.
and then of course the stockings.
this is christmas as a 27 year old only child. my mom loves gifts and giving. clearly.
everyone focused on their own little things.
coffee, coffee, coffee.
everyone loves the little blue bag.
tiffany atlas bar bracelet. love.

and a few shared gifts, like grocery gift cards, wine glass set, steak knives, and a dog gopro harness which dylan is opening in this picture and oh so happy about.
the harness fits perfectly! we actually used it for the first time yesterday while taking her for a walk and it's hilarious to watch.

as usual, christmas was over far too fast. it was nice to spend a few uninterrupted days with family, but now we're back to reality and back to busyness at work. until next year, santa.

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