Friday, November 28, 2014

black friday...

i hope all my american friends had a good thanksgiving! now that canada has decided to join in with the boxing day sales, some of our malls were open extremely early today and some stores even had sales starting a few days ago. i'm happy to report that the majority of our shopping is done; we only have 3 gifts left to buy! i finished shopping for dylan about 3 weeks ago, and now i only have his stocking left to buy for. i'm pretty sure he's barely started on me, but he's got ~1 month, so we're still good!
still need some bows, but presents!!

i think we may venture to the mall once i'm done work today, but i'll see how busy it is at lunch first. unless the sales are dynamite, i'm not in to it, and i haven't seen any deals that are really grabbing my attention.

christmas countdown: 26 days.

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Lauren said...

Happy Black Friday!!

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