Thursday, November 27, 2014

anniversary dinner...

last saturday, dylan went out for our 8 year anniversary courtesy of a $200 gift card i had won at work. we chose to go to fabbrica, which is a mark mcewan restaurant. it's the more casual (but still lovely) of his restaurants, which is more our speed. because we had the gift card, and because it was our anniversary, we just decided to go all out and order whatever we pleased. we started with drinks - a bellini for me and wine for dylan (2 glasses actually, at $22 a glass!). next was appetizers - buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad for me, and a meat and cheese board for dylan. the portions were quite generous, so i stopped about half way through knowing we still had our meals left plus dessert. then came the pizza and steak. as if we weren't full enough, we ended our night with a cannoli, panna cotta, and coffee.

 perfect ending to a great night.
driving home in the rain looking at the christmas lights.

it was nice to go out for an expensive-ish dinner and only have to pay the tax and tip! it was also nice to just sit across from each other for 2 hours, uninterrupted. we're basically on opposite schedules, so a long, relaxing dinner was a treat. cheers to many, many more years.

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