Tuesday, September 23, 2014

suits filming...

you've probably noticed by now that i mention the show suits quite a bit, and i'm just a wee bit obsessed with it. i'd always hoped that i would see them filming it, and yesterday my wish came true! i was walking to work and was only a block away when i see a hot dog stand set up, a usa today newspaper stand, cameras, and crew. i immediately took to twitter to see if anyone had any info, all the while crossing my fingers it would be suits. i saw a tweet mentioning it was indeed suits, and i spent the rest of the morning counting down to my lunch so i could make my way back over.

where i initially saw them setting up was now being packed up, but i could see just one block south that there was some action going on. i walked on down and lo and behold, i see harvey specter and mike ross filming a scene at the hot dog stand. as i was taking a few pictures (where i thought i was off to the side), i had a guy come up to me and tell me, "ma'am, we can't have you on camera taking pictures." woops! and then another lady with some type of headset came over and asked if i was one of the extras. i told her no, but i could jump right in! she laughed and said i probably could and no one would notice. i should have tried ;)
hi harvey (gabriel macht) and mike (patrick j. adams)!

just harvey eating a hot dog. 

after they filmed the last part, all the women swarmed over to mike ross for selfies. he was super nice and taking them with a bunch of people. i was literally right beside him but didn't have the guts to stick a camera in his face. maybe i'll try again today.

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