Monday, September 22, 2014

niagara falls...

it seems kind of rare that we have a good impromptu weekend, where nothing was planned head of time, but it all seemed to work out so easily. with dylan's schedule being so all over the place, it's hard to make plans. we were trying to decide what to do saturday evening and dylan brought up the casino; normally the cheap one, i surprisingly agreed. we set a very modest budget and decided we'll head to niagara falls for some slots and tables.

our deal was that anything we were up, i would hold on to, and dylan would continue to play with what we brought. we did a spin around before settling on some 25 cent slots we felt lucky on. i put my $20 in (personally, i can only stomach to throw that much away), and while i went up and down a few times (highest up to a whopping $21.50), i eventually lost it all. meanwhile, dylan put in $20 and won $123! we cashed out immediately, i held on to that ticket, then dylan spent the rest of what we brought on the war table. unfortunately for us, our luck ran out. but we walked out with $3 more than we came in with, so win!

afterwards, we decided to take a walk down to the falls even though it was dark and cloudy out. we couldn't see much, but we kind of always forget just how big and awesome the falls are. and since you can't do the falls without going to the main strip, we made our way over there, too.

while in line for the ferris wheel, we remembered that we had taken a picture in front of it way back in january of 2007, when went to the falls for our 2 month anniversary. we tried to recreate the picture, but iphones just don't do the trick in the dark and the guy we asked just wasn't very good/didn't focus.
 january 2007.
september 2014.

there were no big winnings for us at the casino, but we enjoyed a nice night out reminiscing about the first time went to the falls together.

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