Friday, September 26, 2014

obligatory apple picking post...

we can now check one thing off our fall list! apple picking is something we have done nearly every year we've been together and this year was no different. for what was supposed to be a very rainy day, it turned out beautiful. other years we've gone a little crazy adding apples to the bucket, not really thinking about the weight, so this year we tried to be mindful. for example, in 2011 we picked 37 pounds.
let's pick some apples!

eating on the job.

9 pounds of crunchy, crisp deliciousness. 

my parents took a few apples, but even after that, i would say we still came home with a good 7 pounds. and sorry to say, there will be no apple pies; 1) they're not really cooking apples, and 2) they're almost all gone. yes, in less than a week. what can i say, apples are my favorite fruit.

until next time, apple orchards.

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