Monday, September 29, 2014

algonquin provincial park...

early saturday morning, we grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out to algonquin to check out the fall colours. while i knew it would be busy since the colors were in 'peak', i was just not expecting it to be thaat busy. we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for nearly 2 hours in a lineup to get to the park's information station where everyone had to get parking permits. because of that, we got there much later than we were expecting and couldn't do the full trail we wanted to - the centennial ridges trail. it's classified as 'difficult' and is supposed to take 3 hours; however, because we were only starting our walk at 2:30, we knew we wouldn't finish it before it got dark, and i did not want to be stuck in a huge park in the dark.

we did what we could and managed to still see some great sprawling views. in my opinion, the trees are a lot nicer looking and much more vibrant driving through the park on highway 60 rather than once you're hiking the trails. regardless, it was still beautiful and just amazing to look out and see a never-ending sea of trees. i really had my hopes up that we would see a moose, but alas, we saw no wildlife, unless you count a chipmunk.
dylan really prepared us for the worst. yes, that's bear spray.
along the highway.

that's us!
oh canada.
i mean, really...
wine stop.

hello, is anybody out there?

chilling the wine in a creek.

i think we'll plan our next visit for the summer and maybe stay in a cabin. that way we have a lot more time to explore the park. it really is beautiful, though. it's approximately a 4 hour drive from downtown toronto and a definite recommendation. 


Amy said...

I live just outside the park and my cousin and I had plans to just go for a quick hike through Ragged Falls on Saturday afternoon... it was just INSANE. We got stuck in traffic many many miles from the gate, and found out it was a 5 hour traffic jam! Having lived here most of my life, I have never experienced anything like that!

We hit a local gem most people don't know about instead.

I'm glad we hit the park last weekend! The colours weren't too crazy yet, but it was still a beauty day for a hike!

Anonymous said...

You two always do the coolest things! Thanks for sharing!

Brittany SSP said...

Gorgeous! I have been wanting to go to the Appalachians for a few weeks now, this just increases that desire!

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