Monday, July 21, 2014

turning 27...

i turned 27 on saturday. i think that officially makes me in my late 20s, right? it must because i actually feel older now, and i can't say i've ever really felt older on any other birthday. while the getting older part may suck, birthdays involve presents, and that's always ok. i can fully admit that i am a very hard person to buy for, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, christmas...i'm tough. i don't feel like i need anything and i'm just not someone who wants a lot of things either. unlike dylan, who at any given day of the year can run off a list of 20-30 things he absolutely needs/wants right this moment, when he asks me for ideas, i draw a blank. this could be a problem for some men, but lucky for me, dylan has pretty good gift-giving abilities. plus, i like a surprise.
woohoo presents. the biggest one was the lightest and i was told to leave that to last.
i'll wait and read this one in the lunchroom at the law firm while doing my placement ;) kidding.

my "you've got to be sh*tting me, what did you do" face.
an hermѐs bag?!

an interlocked ring.

he got it from a new vintage/consignment store - lxr & co - located in hudson's bay on queen street. we're not sure what year it's from, but it's still in great condition. i love it (and surprised he was able to find something that fit my ridiculously small hands) and am pretty shocked that i have a little orange box and bag in my possession. i'd say he's setting the bar pretty high.


The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am so glad you had a good one. Your gifts are amazing!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! (27...that'll be me next year too). The presents are very sweet!

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