Friday, July 18, 2014

calling all fashionistas...

with my school placement coming up in a few short weeks (and *fingers crossed* getting hired after that), i figured it was time to get out and get some new clothes. luckily, i'm not starting from scratch - i do have some dresses, tops, and pants already, but i did want to get a few other things to spruce up my wardrobe. since i have every wednesday off and my mom has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, we went to the new outlet mall in niagara on the lake - outlet collection at niagara. it was ok, i didn't find they had a lot of stores i would typically shop in, but we made some purchases.

it started out pretty rough and i wasn't finding anything that i even remotely liked. then we went into dkny and hey! stuff i like! so i brought a whole whack of stuff to the change room and start trying stuff on. then comes the problem - it's all massive. even the smallest sizes. *this is also the store where the change rooms don't have locks and i had an employee open my door while i was in my bra and taking off a skirt and a guy was standing right there with her. no knock on the door first, the door just swung open. no apology either. awkward. why wouldn't change rooms have locks!?* we went to a few more stores where i had the same problem with the sizing. finally, we get to banana republic and they had a petite section! hallelujah! stuff is finally starting to fit and i was able to get a few things from there. 

rw&co, banana republic, and jacob.
 love the little flower details.
i've always wanted pencil skirts. the black one is not nearly as short it looks. promise.
for days when i don't feel like wearing heels.

in the end, we even went to another mall after and i had luck at one last store. this isn't a woe is me, i'm so tiny post, but rather venting my frustrating as a petite person and the lack of available office clothing. i already look younger than i am; i can't go in to a job dressed in clothes that are too big or aren't age appropriate. the few skirts i tried on that i really loved, i did consider getting them tailored, but the way the style was on each one, i knew it wasn't a possibility.

all this to say, are there any other petite women out there?? where do you shop for office type clothing? it's a law firm, so it's still fairly traditional. i want to keep it simple and clean for the first while until i really get a feel for how the other women are dressing.

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daniela said...

First off, warning on the Aldo shoes - wear them at home & see if they're comfy b/c I bought an almost-identical pair last year and barely lasted 10 minutes walking in them. I was said to return them b/c they were perfect but I never would have worn them :(

I LOVE the stuff you've picked, you're going to look fabulous! Banana Republic is awesome though usually out of my price range. For dress pants I generally shopped at Dynamite - I had to always wear heels with those pants though until my mom hemmed them. Otherwise, I've always found what I needed at H&M (both work & fun). You'd probably be able to find some stuff at Target as well ;)

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