Friday, May 16, 2014

nerd alert...

dylan's been needing a new computer for quite some time now. since he got a gopro for his birthday, it solidified the fact that his laptop was not going to do. it simply wasn't powerful enough anymore to handle the videos or do any type of editing (photos or videos). so, off to the computer store we went. but instead of buying a desktop (which is what he wanted) from a store like a normal person, we went to a computer store where he bought all the parts and put it together himself. he gave the sales guy his budget and told him what type of specifications he was looking for for the certain parts, and the guy put it all together at the checkout for us.

he was able to get a computer that's far superior to buying one right off the shelf, for much cheaper. once we got home, it was time for him to put it all together. motherboards, ram, hard drives, oh my.
guts of a computer.
yes, i know exactly what all of these parts are. not.

surprisingly, he got it all assembled and up and running within about an hour. color me impressed!  


The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

Have fun with the new computer!

daniela said...

The nerd in me loves the shiiiit out of this! So fun!!

And now I will for real await the superbly edited Chloe videos! :P

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