Friday, April 4, 2014


it's an awfully gloomy day out there today, and as i'm typing this, the fire alarm is going off in my building. monthly maintenance type thing; necessary, but annoying.
bare ankles! spring is slowly showing herself.

it might sound like my day is starting off kind of shitty, but i assure you, it's not. first of all, it's friday! also:

  • my 8am class, in which i have to leave home by 6am, was cancelled. that means i don't have to leave until about 10am today.
  • second semester classes are winding down and final exams start next friday. then there's a 2.5 week break. hallelujah. 
  • i was able to get a transfer credit from my previous schooling so that i don't have to take my elective liberal class next semester. one less class to worry about? i'll take it.
  • the weather is warming up. the winter coat hasn't been worn in a week and i think i'm in the clear to pack it away for another 8 months.
  • probably the thing that makes us the happiest right now: since mid-january, we've been squirreling away all our extra money and have saved up just over 2/3 of what we owe on our car (the one his aunt and uncle gave us the money for). we've finally been in a position to really start paying it off and it feels good to have saved that much. we're giving them a cheque for what we have now and then the last bit shortly. 
happy weekend!

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