Friday, March 21, 2014

the ultimate pie-off...

place your bets because we have a PIE-OFF happening. it started last week after getting doughnuts and dylan told me i should try my hand at making a pie. i said that making the crust is often the hardest part (so i hear) and while i'm a pretty good cook and baker, i wasn't sure i could tackle a proper crust. somewhere along the way, dylan suggested having a pie competition, and thus, the PIE-OFF was born.
 d vs. b - it's on.

as soon as we got home, we took a few pictures and dylan got to work on the above poster. when i posted it on facebook, the likes and comments started piling in and people are loving it. the rules? well, not many, really. it has to be all from scratch - no canned fillings and no frozen pie crust. duh, this is a competition! i'm leaning towards making a blueberry pie and dylan is thinking about a cherry pie. who will be the judge? that's to be decided; we've had quite a few offers on facebook haha. not only that, everyone wants to see this go down, so hopefully dylan will be able to make a small video out of it.

we have a few supplies to get first, like rolling pins and pie dishes. this won't go down for a few more weeks since i have exams coming up. once those are done, i have 3 weeks off and will have all the time in the world to devote to this challenge.

now, should we each go on a different day, or give each other say, 3 hours in the kitchen to bake the pie start to finish and then switch? we'll have to decide that in the coming weeks. you know, tiny condo kitchen problems.

you're goin' down dyl.

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daniela said...

Umm, this is the best thing ever. You could totally make this into a YouTube thing..take a video of every single step. Interviews with the contestants, judges...reality show style, obviously.
I totally volunteer to host. Idk why...I think I'm testing out new career opportunities.

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