Monday, March 10, 2014


i'm 2 days late, but i just realized this little blog turned 5 years old! how have i been keeping up with it for that long?? it's certainly slowed down now that i'm back in school, but i'm not going anywhere just yet.

 the most important part to me is having a place to look back on and see everything that we've gone through in the last 5 years. there's been good and not so good, but we're in a great spot, so cheers to that and the years to come!


naghmeh said...

Happy 5 years!! that is a long blogging time I've done just about the same and I can't even believe it. Although I didn't become too involved with it until about 2 years ago so maybe that is why! Good luck with school and everything else :)

Ivvy said...

I freaked out because you weren't posting

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