Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a fiesta...

last week, my bff turned 27 (crap, we're getting old!) and a bunch of us got together for a fiesta. lots of friends, lots of food, and a lot of mustache pictures. unfortunately, me and dylan had to peace out early since there was a snowstorm (and an hour drive) and he had to leave for work at 3am. but no worries, we still had a good time.

 ready for movember.

 a few condiments for tacos. and now i know i need to plan a taco night week for dinner.
 we got the birthday girl some patron. drink up!

 friends for 25 years.
 i don't even know...

why hello.
happy birthday to youuuu.

and no, dylan certainly wasn't the only boy there. there were plenty others. happiest of birthdays, girly!

1 comment:

daniela said...

No offense...worst gift ever. You can take that Patron back where it came from :P haha
Seriously though, looks like y'all had so much fun. YES to mustaches on sticks haha

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