Friday, January 10, 2014

wedluxe wedding show...

for the last couple of years, my mom has been saying that we should go to a wedding show just for the fun of it. collect ideas, see what's out there, you know? last month, during another boring commute on the subway, i saw an ad for the wedluxe wedding show and it drew me in. i checked it out when i got home, told my mom about it, and after humming and hawing whether i wanted to go to a wedding show when not engaged, i decided why the heck not, and bought the tickets. i may not be an immediate client, but i'm certainly a potential customer to these vendors. the theme this year was 'springtime in paris' and it was all absolutely stunning from beginning to end.

my mom got to my place just before 9am, and we walked over to the fairmont royal york in the light snow where it was held. tickets were $35 each, and i was skeptical that it would be worth it, but we were definitely not disappointed. 

once we got inside, we were given tote bags (filled with cards of all the vendors) and we stood in line to enter the 'gift bar' area. i was under the impression that we got to choose 1 gift from many, many gifts and that would be it. i was sorely, but happily mistaken. each table had about 5-6 options you could choose from and there were maybe 5-6 tables. some even gave you 3 or 4 things at once. it was pretty amazing. once you got through that room, you entered the 'cafe' part, where you browsed some sandwiches and sweets, filled out a card with what you wanted, and they gave you a box with your choosings inside. we took a seat at one of the many tables and got to eat, where they then came around serving coffee and tea. there was also a nail bar, where you could receive a free manicure, a complimentary hair styling bar, a floral bar to choose flowers and have a small bouquet to take home, and more. there were countless treats to eat throughout the showrooms, from macarons, to cupcakes, to cakepops, to chocolate.

the gown gallery.
truth be told, i didn't love any of the dresses in the gallery.
at this station, you got to pick what flowers you would like, and the girls made you a mini bouquet.

a macaron eiffel tower?! kind of amazing.
mini treats to choose from.

my bouquet of fresh roses.
tea and coffee for two.

2 savory and 2 sweets. 
cheesecake, nougat, and eclair. 

gorgeous table settings for show.

so much talent.

last stop - the pop shop.
the goods.

from what i heard from others around me at various times, this show was was hands down the best there is, the top of the wedding shows. was it weird going to a wedding show while not engaged? at first i thought so. i was honest when the vendors asked when the wedding is and i only got a sour face from one girl ;) the rest were totally cool with it, probably because my mom would chime in with the whole, "it's been 7 years, we know it's coming eventually!" overall, it was just a fun way to spend a sunday indulging in girly things.


Amy said...

That's so amazing! I can't believe all the free stuff you got for $35!

My mom is trying to convince me to go to a wedding show in February, and I just feel SO awkward about it! Especially since I'm in a small town and there will be girls I know there that are actually engaged.

Do you have any indication of when the proposal is coming? I am starting to go a little crazy with the waiting game.

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

what?! they didn't have that when i was getting married!! i would have gone anyway just for the swag:)

Vodka and Soda

Life Inside The Locket said...

This looks so lovely! I will definitely be still waiting for my proposal, but I certainly wouldn't say no to a wedding show; what fun!

Wenni Donna said...

Incredible wedding show! Loved all dresses in gown gallery and macaron Eiffel tower looks luscious. Have to attend my friend’s wedding at one of trendy Los angeles wedding venues next week and planning to go along with an elegant flower bouquet for the couple.

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