Monday, December 16, 2013

winter wonderland...

this weekend sure felt christmasy for a number of reasons. first, i finished all my exams early friday morning and am now off until january 7th!! second, after i finished my last exam, i went right to the mall and did some more shopping. happy to say that after this weekend, we have only my mom left to buy for (she's a tough cookie)! third, we were given a pretty (first of the year) snowstorm. we had snow about 2 weeks ago, but it was hardly anything and gone later in the day. it snowed from early morning saturday straight through the day into the night and continued off and on yesterday. fourth, i took advantage of the pretty snow and being housebound by getting most of my wrapping done. i need a few more bows and ribbons, but for the most part, we're good to go.

i went out early sunday morning while dylan was sleeping and finished my secret santa for the potluck with my girl friends and on my way home, it started lightly snowing. the streets were still quiet since it was only about 10:30am and i must say, it felt kind of magical and perfect. so cheesy, but true.
 she love the snow. she kept burying her face and plowing full steam ahead.
 she had her boots on, but i'm not sure they had any effect since the snow was deep.
almost time!

sunday morning. fresh snow.

with just over a week until christmas, i'm hoping it will be a white one and we'll get a fresh blanket just before. *fingers crossed*

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Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

look at all those gifts!! which one is mine? ;)

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