Wednesday, December 18, 2013

charity pot...

last week while at lush doing some christmas shopping, i asked the woman helping me if they had any super strong hand creams that aren't in their typical price range of $25-$45. just something small, ya know? i'm not sure what it is about this winter in particular, but my hands, actually mostly my nails and cuticles, are just beyond dry and i've got a drawer full of various cream at home that just aren't doing the trick. she then showed me something called the "charity pot", which is vegan and made with almond oil and cocoa butter. i decided to go with the small $6 version for now so i can try it out and see if it works before i go ahead with the big one.

where the charity part comes in is that 100% of the proceeds (not the taxes) goes to some organization they've partnered with. each pot of cream has a different sticker on the top with a picture of the organization - from human rights, to environmental, to animals and others. for me it was a no brainer to help some type of animal and so i went with the chimpanzee sanctuary northwest which "provides sanctuary to chimpanzees discarded from the entertainment and biomedical testing industries."

as for the cream itself, it's thinner than i thought it would be but it has slowly been working its magic over the last few days of using it. are my hands and cuticles now baby-bottom-smooth? no, but there's a definite improvement.

*not sponsored, just sharing a product i like*

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