Wednesday, August 21, 2013

small town usa...

since i'm going back to school in september for 12 straight months, and then hopefully getting a job right after grad, my mom wanted to take me on one last hurrah before i started. she wanted to stay close and decided on the little town of lewiston, new york, just across the border and right across from niagara on the lake. we stayed in a beautiful place, barton hill hotel and spa, where the rooms were huge (albeit freezing), it was situated right across from the niagara river, and within a 15 minute drive to a big mall we always go to and to the outlets. 

it's a sleepy little town, that place. after staying 2 nights, on checkout day, we roamed around the town. most stores were closed and they were mostly the kitschy gift shop type things. i think it took us a whopping half hour to walk up and down the one street that encompassed all the shops, and that included going in a few! that isn't to say our trip wasn't a success. between the mall and the outlet, i made out pretty well. i'm still a wee bit spoiled and my mom bought everything i got on the trip, lucky me. i scored a whack of workout clothes (i love marshalls for that stuff, especially the brand '90 degree'. i was able to get yoga pants, regular $98, for $16.99, shorts regular $58, for $12.99 and a few tops at ridiculous prices, too), a faux leather jacket (thank you forever 21 for the $15 price tag!), fall boots, a dress for the church part of an upcoming wedding (another marshalls score at $16.99), and a few other things. thanks america! and mom, of course.


i would love a king sized bed, thanks. a queen just feels too small.
the niagara river, with canada on the other side.

an $80 dinner voucher was thrown in with our 2 night stay.

the food was ahhhh-mazing.

the 2nd floor tented area is where, weather permitting, you eat breakfast and dinner.
skyping with dyl :)
the second day, where we visited old fort niagara.

the french castle. toronto sits on the right of the castle across the water.

can we just talk for a second about how COLD it was on this trip. it literally felt like a cold, fall day. not august. the weather network lied and i didn't pack accordingly.
looking at toronto across the way!

the third and final day wandering the town.
it was pretty, i'll give it that.

cold. again.

the town itself isn't enough to bring us back, but if you're looking for a shopping trip, it's a great place to stay with easy access to surrounding areas.


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

how pretty! i love that photo of the toronto skyline and i love little quaint hotels/towns :)

Vodka and Soda

daniela said...

Woo you got a skyline picture! Those are hard to come by, believe me! Seems like you & mom had a good trip :)

What mall do you usually go to, besides the outlets?

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that hotel! Sounds like a great mother/daughter trip. Good luck with school!

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