Thursday, August 22, 2013


everyone likes free stuff, right? *raises hand* as soon as i hear about free things being given out, or free concerts and festivals, if i can get there, you bet your bottom dollar i'll be there. i find toronto to be a pretty great city in the "free things" department, which is a good thing, because it's one expensive city to live in! over the weekend, there was a free concert/festival, called cityfest. it was the first year for it, but overall, i would say they did pretty good. free things we got? well let's see: 2 beers, apple fritters, 2 poutines, sunglasses, tshirts, pops, candy, free coffee vouchers, and a few other little things. i mean, not bad, eh?
here's dyl being a plane trying to win 2 free roundtrip tickets (anywhere they fly) with porter airlines. still haven't heard the winner!

beer garden.
we love poutine. we love free poutine even more. and our free sunglasses, too.
photobooth fun.

free swag. not complaining.

we had never heard of any of the musical people that were on throughout the day, but there were a couple good ones. now, if only we could get free poutine more often...


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dude that is awesome! And you two are pretty awesome in your sunnies ;-)

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

when was this? i didn't hear about it (usually they announce this on the radio) but maybe it's because i don't listen to 103.5!

my city (markham and unionville) oten put out free events for the kiddies so we sometimes go there.

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