Monday, August 26, 2013

it's a dog's life...

it's that time of year again when we dog sit for dylan's aunt and uncle while they go away. we've done it for probably 5 or 6 years now, and we usually stay at their place, hang out with the dog, and enjoy their pool. but now that we're both in toronto, we decided to have spooner come stay with us. and of course, dylan had a boys camping trip planned in the quebec wilderness right after we got him. we picked him up thursday night and dylan left friday morning through to sunday evening. so, it was just me and my fur friend for the weekend! friday evening, i had a girl friend sleep over and we went for dinner, which was nice (her boyfriend was one of the guys that went with dylan; the english).

he's adjusting pretty well, the only thing he's quite nervous of is the elevator; pretty sure he's never been on one before. it's crazy how many people comment on how beautiful he is while i'm walking him (it's true though). as for me? this is my first experience with having a shedding dog in my place, which is a good thing because i want a bernese mountain dog oh so badly, and they shed like mad. my white floors? covered in black hair. buuutttt, i'm pretty sure it's worth it when you have an awesome dog.

"what are we doing?"
"you want me to look at the camera?"
"like this?"

we've got this handsome fella until this sunday. in the meantime, chloe is staying with my parents and getting fed far too many treats, i'm sure. 


Amy said...

It's funny because I wasn't entirely convinced that Bernese were huge shedders. When we first got ours he didn't shed AT ALL. It was glorious. Now that he's starting to shed his puppy hair and get his adult hair... there are tumbleweeds floating around everywhere!! You just can't keep up.

However... it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. He's the best dog ever, at 5 months everyone comments on how he's the most well behaved puppy they've ever met... he's more well behaved than most dogs I know. He just spent his first chunk of time out of his crate today and he didn't do anything bad...just slept!

Dylan's aunt and uncle's dog is sooo cute! How do him and Chloe get along?

Inspirational Quotes said...

What a dog you have. He looks fine.

Brittany SSP said...

What a cutie! After the hubs & I got our first dog, a mild shedder, we had a plan to get him a fur friend who was smaller & had minimal shedding...instead we came back with a lab/Golden retriever mix who is almost 2x as big and sheds much worse. It is totally & completely worth it though, because he's the sweetest dog and I love him to pieces. I do like it so much better now that we have wood floors though- so much easier to sweep it than worry about everything soaking into the carpet!

daniela said...

Where is Chloe?!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, that dog IS gorgeous! I love the selfies. He's pretty good at them ;)

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