Tuesday, August 27, 2013


another weekend, another something going on in toronto. this past weekend it was buskerfest; acrobats, street performers, artists, food, the works. granted, i'm 5'2", so when i walked up to already formed crowds to "see" what was going on, i couldn't see anything. but, i took a quick spin around and from what i was able to see, there was some neat things. what also caught my eye was a western style set-up booth selling something i thought could only be bought in disney at the harry potter world; butterbeer! however, i passed on it because it was being sold in a (tiny) old fashioned style stainless steel coffee/soup mug for $8.

these moving dinosaurs were very creepy.


"the silent violinist."

the crowds were too much, as expected from most things in toronto, and i hightailed it outta there after about 20 minutes.


Brittany SSP said...

Looks like lots of talent and also creepiness, haha! The batman drawing probably turned out amazing.

Amber said...

Ahh, those dinosaurs are creepy! I love the sidewalk art though. Toronto always has something fun, it seems!

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