Monday, July 15, 2013

work it, work it...

wine, poutine, way too many pictures, laughing, tanning on the beach, and window shopping. that's how i spent my weekend when my 2 girl friends came for a visit. we had kind of an uneventful saturday night on a new patio  (the place is huge and beautiful and only 2 weeks old, but there was terrible security staff, 35 minute wait for poutine, and throw up in the bathroom. unacceptable.), but made up for it with breakfast, a little shopping, and then hitting up the beach on sunday.
don't tell me you don't take ridiculous selfies while waiting for your friends.
first a normal one.
and then dylan took literally 70 picturse in 1.5 minutes. *click click click click!*
we got a kick out of it.
enjoying ourselves to say the least.

patio drinks.

(we're in the middle of a heat wave, complete with 'heat alerts' and everything. stay cool, and remember, don't keep pets (or kids) in cars!!!)


Chloee said...

i love nights like this, looks like you guys had fun xx

Amber said...

You girls are cuties! Looks like a blast. P.S. How are you wearing a sweater in the heat?!

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