Friday, July 12, 2013

tid + bits...

another weekend is upon us here and i've got some girl friends coming for a visit tomorrow. i foresee wine, selfies, and lots of laughing. also, today dylan is writing his exam for work that will get him his license! what comes with this license is a huge increase in pay. we both know he's going to rock that test, so i'm not worried. in any case, good luck dyl!! moving on, some randoms from lately...

more doughnuts. me and dylan had to take my mom when she came for a visit. every time we try a different flavor. if you're in toronto and have yet to try glory hole doughnuts, you need to walk run there immediately. (left to right - margarita, lemon, and orange with a cream cheese drizzle, all with lemon, ricotta, olive oil doughnut holes)
early birthday love from sephora. can't go wrong.
 getting back into the groove of working out with my new top. i accidentally took like, 3 weeks off. oops.
hilarious. it even had a  toy"wind up"  thingy (?) on the back. (#miniguy on instagram shows him all over toronto)
sangria and my cute lil one.
a yummy breakfast at home.
some of my favorite houses in the city, i call them the gingerbread houses; they're all different colors. that on the right is the result of messy top knots.
storm clouds rolling in and soaked at a restaurant.

can we just talk about the rain for a second? it was so insane on monday; toronto was literally flooding. some people lost power for 36 hours (we lost it for about 6 hours). monday during the day was fine and around 4:30 i took chloe for her pee before we were about to head out for dinner. i saw it getting pretty dark and windy and told dylan we definitely needed an umbrella. about 5 minutes into our 15 minute walk, it starts spitting, then raining a little harder, and then absolute downpour where an umbrella is useless. my hair was all nice and done, so much for that ;) we got to the restaurant looking like we had just been swimming. walking home was no different, so we ditched the umbrella and just laughed about it all. it was seriously coming down like nothing i had ever seen. we had to scale a ledge crossing an under-the-bridge walkway because the water was dirty and up past our ankles. we then realize that the power was out everywhere in the city and we hoped  we'd be able to get up to our place. luckily one elevator was working on a generator. the power didn't stay out too long (maybe 2 hours), but it went out the next day for about 4 hours. (see a little vine video here, crazy pictures here and here and apparently, they're estimating 61 billion litres of liquid fell from the sky in just a few hours.)

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happy weekend!


Jessica said...

That breakfast looks pretty yummy! I wish I could get my lazy butt up early enough to cook like that, haha!

Ivvy said...

I know, rain can be crazy some times. I hate it when it makes the power go out!

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